Intelligent Data Analytics for the Digital Media Industry

Leyi’s Digital Media Analytics

Leyi’s big data analytics initiative captures hard-to-get digital media transaction data to deliver high-value digital business intelligence reports. Leyi links data analytics with intelligent software so each transaction can independently determine what information is needed and how it will be used, thus creating multiple layers of content and market data, giving greater control over managing digital content, licensing, terms-of-use, copyrights and marketing.

  • Leyi uniquely captures all digital transaction data in broadcast networks, while other companies capture consumer data in social media networks.

Improving Digital Media Management, Sales and Distribution

Leyi’s licenses the Cugate digital media management system to industry clients to improve their business sales, distribution, operations and profitability. The system also enhances and expands Leyi’s ability to capture data across all digital media industries and social media networks.

  • The system accurately monitors and reports all digital media transactions and payments across all broadcasters, sales platforms and social media networks that use the system to manage, distribute and sell digital media

Featured offering: Ad & Product Placement App for Video Broadcasting

Leyi and its business partner, Cugate AG, have developed a new advertising system for digital TV broadcasters, video streaming platforms and online marketers.

  • Utilizes artificial intelligence, neural net and advanced pattern recognition to scan any video file for images and text, giving full control of any object and text in videos.
  • Used to place, manage and track ad/product placements in real-time TV and digital broadcasting, while capturing extensive viewer and consumer interaction data.
  • Integrates QR codes with Leyi’s other offerings in smart phones and HTML video players without using hardware decoders.
  • A separate mobile app synchronizes with the web player, allowing consumer interaction with links, even when the video is played in full screen mode.

Digital Management System

The system provides clients with an effective solution for digital audio/video copyright protection, distribution, marketing, monitoring and sales/payment accounting.   Learn more  »

B2B/B2C Digital Platform

Leyi will launch a digital sales business platform using the management system. The platform will target multiple markets to demonstrate the business value of the system to potential licensing clients.   Learn more  »

  • Leyi’s Business Technology Partner: Cugate AG

Leyi’s business partner, Cugate AG, is a German digital media and technology company, that has developed unique watermark/fingerprint, content management and transaction tracking technologies that provide a data-driven management system for worldwide digital audio and video production, sales, distribution, monitoring, payment accounting and copyright protection. Leyi Media Group uses Cugate’s system to drive its big data analytics and business intelligence initiative.