B2B/B2C Digital Sales Platform

Launching a Revenue-Generating Digital Sales Platform

Leyi is developing a B2B/B2C streaming platform using Cugate’s digital management system that will be launched in multiple international and Asian markets. It will be used to demonstrate the business value of the management system to potential licensing clients.

The platform will motivate clients to license the system because they see a real-world example of how the management system can:

  1. Increase control of their marketing and payment accounting,
  2. Expand their digital advertising revenue,
  3. Obtain market data and payment accounting in real-time at a significantly lower cost compared to existing market data services, and
  4. Reliability protect and enforce digital copyrights.

The business goal is to increase the number of licensing clients worldwide so that Leyi’s big data analytics initiative will access to digital media product data across multiple markets and industries.

Leyi’s Platform Features

The platform will use and demonstrate how Cugate’s innovative digital media transaction tracking technology can:

  • Manages digital rights as it tracks, traces and distributes digital content (music, video, film, TV, e-text, e-learning, etc.) by embedding a unique “Virtual Barcode” ID Tag.
  • Protects digital copyrights and intellectual property, and enforces anti-piracy laws.
  • Tracks and pays all royalties, providing accurate accounting and reporting.
  • Increases revenue streams for artists, content owners and all stakeholders.

It will also illustrate how management system tracks all streams and digital transactions to:

  • Provide accurate accounting to pay all royalties to all rights holders.
  • Manage and protect copyrights and intellectual property.
  • Capture market and consumer data across all social media networks.
  • Create new revenue streams for artists by linking digital content with other digital/physical product and service transactions.

Additionally it will show potential licensing clients how the system supports advertising pointers, proximity marketing and affiliate marketing operations:

  • Helps traditional and mobile advertisers targeting specific regions, event areas via Wi-Fi, retail/kiosk area and USB transactions.
  • Enables content owners to directly manage and redirect advertisement and affiliated income streams from intermediates like social media digital platforms and search engines directly.

Mobile Apps Motivating Subscriptions and Sales

Media player apps help build large online audiences and revenue for performing artists, entertainment companies and content distributors.

Mobile ad apps, including Cugate’s Ad and Product Placement Application, use digital music and video to market and promote performing artists and increase digital and physical product sales.

Multimedia App Tools encourage User Generated Content (UGC) by letting professionals, amateurs and consumers create, edit and share new unique digital music and video products.

  • Consumers are motivated to subscribe to Leyi’s mobile apps because they can make money by sharing their digital work with friends in their social networks.
  • Motivates long-term subscription contacts and consumer lock-in.