Investor Relations

Call for Investors and Business Partners

Leyi Media Group is seeking investors and business partners to:

  1. Rollout a digital management system appropriate for licensing to industry clients,
  2. Establish a revenue generating digital sales platform using the system to demonstrate the business value to potential clients, and
  3. Expand data analytics applications and business intelligence operations.

Business Strategy

Leyi targets a trillion dollar market by uniquely capturing hard-to-get digital media transaction data across all digital media and social media markets using Intelligent data analytics.

Leyi’s big data analytics initiative captures accurate digital media transaction data across all broadcasters, sales platforms and social media networks to deliver market data and high-value business intelligence reports.

Leyi’s Business and Revenue Model

Leyi generates immediate revenue by licensing the system to digital media producers, publishers and broadcasters. Revenue is also generated using the interactive consumer ads in real-time digital broadcasts. Long-term revenue growth is achieved as transaction data is captured across all licensing client markets.

System Validated in World Markets

The system was used to monitor and track royalty payments for music streaming, including Warner’s European music library, in 2,000 digital broadcasters in Europe and 150 broadcasters in Asia. The results:

  • Reduced management costs and increased accuracy of transaction and payment reporting,
  • Increased royalty payments to content owners by 20% to 50%, and
  • Successfully enforced copyrights in all markets.

Contact Information

For more information please use the email below, Attention: Director of Investor Relations.

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