Ad and Product Placement System


Leyi Media Group’s business partner, Cugate AG has developed a new advertising system for TV broadcasters and video streaming platforms.

  • Utilizes artificial intelligence, neural net and advanced pattern recognition to scan any video file in real-time for images and text, giving full control of any object and text in videos.
  • Used to place, manage and track ads and product placements in real-time TV and digital broadcasting, while capturing extensive viewer and consumer interaction data.
  • Supports in-image links and sidebar links (ads, promotions, click-to-buy sales, etc.).
  • Integrates QR codes with the Digital Barcode in smart phones and HTML video players.
  • Can be used anywhere with or without Internet connection and without hardware decoders.
  • Content owners can manage their own ad and product placements in Youtube and other streaming service providers.

A separate mobile app synchronizes with the web player, allowing consumer interaction with links, even when the video is played in full screen mode.

How the Ad and Product Placement System Works

The System first “learns” to recognize individual graphic elements by examining a large number of images from a wide range of perspectives and sizes.

  • Once trained a digital broadcaster streams a live event or pre-recorded video.

The Ad/Product Placement System analyzes the video in real-time.

  • When an image is recognized, a link is displayed in the web browser player. Links can include informational, product sales, or other special offerings.

The System supports the consumer interaction links when the video is streamed to other screen environments, for example billboards, Kiosks, hotels, etc.

Data reporting includes:

  1. Screen duration per image (total time, each segment time, etc.).
  2. Number of viewers that have seen the logo or graphic image, and for how long.
  3. Number of viewers clicking the link when the image is on the screen.
  4. How many viewers make a purchase from the logo link.

The tracking/monitoring system integrates and manages and reports all data on viewer interactions with product ads and sales.