About Us


Leyi is a digital media and IT company located in Madison, Wisconsin, that was founded in 2013. Its management expertise is in intelligent decision support, data analytics and R&D product innovation. Leyi has representative offices in Berlin and Shanghai.

Intelligent Data Analytics for the Digital Media Industries

Leyi is developing a new intelligent data analytics initiative that targets a trillion dollar market by capturing hard-to-get digital product transaction data in all digital media markets. It does this using a digital media management system developed by Leyi’s business partner, Cugate AG, a German digital media and IT company. Leyi is seeking business partners and investors as it expands its big data analytics initiative.

Developing International Markets

Leyi and its business partner, Cugate AG, are targeting digital media producers, publishers and broadcasters in North American and European markets to license the digital media management system for improving their business operations. A major Asian Copyright Association has signed a contract to use the system for monitoring and reporting on all digital broadcasters in their region. As increasing numbers of clients use the system, Leyi’s data analytics initiative growth increases as it captures data across all digital industries.

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 Madison, Wisconsin